Saturday, October 11, 2014

Up, Up and Away Canvas *** Blue Fern Studios ***

Hey bloggers! I'm stopping in today to share my third project featured on the Blue Fern Studios blog yesterday, a whimsical 6" x 12" canvas featuring the bottom half of the Olga's Balloon set. The two pieces are designed to be layered together, but I chose to go "off label" in my usage as I wanted to add crazy dimension to my canvas. Never fear, the top piece will find a loving home on another project!

To get the 3D balloon, I traced the shape of the balloon part (the second image in the graphic below) 8 times onto Charlotte's Dream paper (it took 2 sheets) and cut these out, then folded them in half, alternating sides so that 4 pieces have the blue side and 4 pieces have the flowered side showing. I then adhered the negative sides together.

Before I adhered my paper balloon to the chippy I set about altering the lines and the basket. For the lines I painted them with a couple of shades of brown, and touched them up with white gesso once dry.

For the basket, I trimmed a scrap piece of Ombre Dreams paper to the exact size of the basket, and then sprayed it with a gold/brown. I then set about weaving my basket out of wire thread. It was finicky work, and I'll admit I burnt myself several times on my glue gun. I adhered the thread to the left and the bottom and then wove each individual strand, fastening it to the opposite side at the end. It is imperfect, and I love it! A little touch of gesso for aging, and I was ready to adhere my balloon to the chippy.

To add detail to the top of the balloon, I created a net out of gauze coloured with mist, and adhered wire and flowers, as well as a banner from the Dream Cards paper.

To build my background, I started with a piece of Susan's Dream paper trimmed to the size of the canvas then set about creating my landscape by tearing hills from Ginger's Dream.

What would a scene of a hot air balloon be without drifting clouds? To create texture on the Cloudy Skies chippies, I used some snow texture paste.

Blue Fern Studios Products:

Ombre Dreams Papers:
- Susan's Dream
- Ginger's Dream
- Charlotte's Dream x2
- Dream Cards


- Olga's Balloon
- Cloudy Skies
- The Optimist Word Set

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