Monday, July 9, 2012

Project of The Week at The Flying Unicorn

I'm so honored to have been selected as Project of the Week (POW) at the Flying Unicorn.  I'd known about the wonderful Flying Unicorn store, but until their recent blog hop I hadn't realized what a vibrant online community they have on their forums.

Here is my POW, a little Christmas in July for you.

This is my three boys this past Christmas.  Sometimes it's challenging enough trying to get a good photo of just one of the boys (aside from our oldest, he's always been a ham for the camera); getting one of the three of them has been impossible.  I thought this one was a pretty sweet candid, though, with Brennan trying to put his arm around his baby brother.

Hope you're experiencing some glorious summer weather.  It's just gotten beautiful here after a rainy June, and I'm hoping the sunshine is here to stay!


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Kelly Foster said...

Girl this is gorgeous!! Congrats on POW, you deserve it!!