Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Tin Man

Today I'm sharing a project I made just for me. It's one of those lightning-strike inspiration projects, the ones that once they are fixed in your head you worry you won't be able to bring to life the way you envision them. And it's one of those amazing times where everything came together perfectly, I completed the project in one sitting, and couldn't be happier with the results.

It all started with a funnel. A little, insignificant, and doubtless cheaply made funnel that came with the flask I altered earlier this year (that project can be found here). Loath to see anything go to waste, I put it aside to use on another project. For whatever reason, it lingered in my mind. It was a challenging piece to use on many projects, but one day inspiration struck me - it looked like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz's hat. I bought one of the positionable wooden mannequins from the art store, and lo and behold, the "hat" fit.

I satrted by adding a couple details, his buttons and the seam at the front, with black gesso, then painted everything with Silver Spoon Metallique paint. Because the joints are flexible and the mannequin is positionable, I let the paint dry before flexing the joints in the opposite direction and adding a coat of paint there, as well. I added a coat of paint to the funnel as well so that it melded nicely with the rest of the mannequin. I then dabbed on Rust Paste, starting with the brown and then adding red on top. In addition to seams and joints, I wiped the paste on randomly for a more weathered look. To add shading and to contribute to the overall feeling of neglect, I used some of the Vausseroux (black) Artisan Powder. Along the seams and joints I applied it with a fine wet paintbrush, and then smeared it and dabbed some off to achieve the look I was after. I then brushed some on dry with my finger to bring out details.

I was at a bit of a loss regarding what to do with the plain wooden base, as it didn't really fit with my rusted Tin Man, so I slept on it, and the answer came to me - of course it should be part of the yellow brick road! I crafted my bricks using Molding Paste and a palette knife and left them to air dry before applying Yellow Mustard Color Bloom Spray and Gold Rust Paste to the bricks. I finished it off by tracing the mortar lines with a wet paint brush and La Chapeliere Artisan Powder.

I'm so happy with the way this project turned out. What do you think? I have visions of doing the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, maybe even Dorothy and the Wicked Witch, though I think those would be more of a challenge.

Thank you so much for checking in today!


Black Gesso
Modeling Paste
Metallique Paint: Silver Spoon
Rust Paste: Red Rust, Brown Rust, Gold Rust
Artisan Powder: Vausseroux, La Chapeliere
Color Bloom Spray: Yellow Mustard
3D Gloss Gel

Small metal funnel
Crafter's clay


Linda Pekrul said...

He's absolutely perfect Jackie!

Patricia said...

I do hope you get to create the rest of the cast!!! This Tin Man is just do real and absolutely awesome!!!

Diana Gabriella said...

Thank you for a fabulous description! He's just exquisite!!! I might have to try my hand at him 😉 Love LOVE L-O-V-E him ❤❤❤

Diana Gabriella said...

Thank you for a fabulous description! He's just exquisite!!! I might have to try my hand at him 😉 Love LOVE L-O-V-E him ❤❤❤