Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Industrial Birthday Card - Blue Fern Studios

What kind of card maker are you? Are you always prepared with a box of pre-made cards, or are you a last-minute card maker? I have to confess, I'm the latter. Most of the time if we have a party to go to, you will find me a half hour before, at my craft table, with supplies strewn about, madly trying to whip something up.

This past weekend was a double-whammy for us - our niece's first birthday and one of my son's friends' eighth birthday. I had a pre-made girly card, but I find boys cards difficult, and didn't have anything on hand. I decided to do something industrial - what do you think?

To start with, I adhered a piece cut from Blue Fern Studios' Mini Rings Panel to a piece of cardstock. I then layered over foil tape from the hardware store, and worked it down into the depressions using flower styluses. Don't worry if the foil tape tears a little when you do this, it adds to the worn, industrial feel.

I then added several shades of blue and green Alcohol Ink to the foil, and worked over it with some Blending Solution. When the alcohol ink was dry, I added some Izink in Bamboo randomly, and baked it on with my heat gun. The Izink goes on matte, which adds a nice visual contrast to the shininess of the foil tape and alcohol ink.

I created the strap with some leftover foil tape which I adhered to cardstock and ran through the sewing machine, then coloured with alcohol ink.

A couple metal accents finished everything off.

Blue Fern Studios Products:

Mini Rings Panel

Thanks for stopping in today! For my friends in the Northern Hemisphere, I hope you're enjoying the tail end of summer. It's still going strong here, and the kids and I are squeezing every last drop of fun we can out of it!

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